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Ticket types:

  • Unsuspecting Conference Attendee: Attend the show. Watch the evening unfold around you.

  • Secret Agent (with interactive chatbot): Live out your dreams of being a Secret Agent from one of two rival countries. Throughout the evening, your Spy Handler will be texting you to obtain your strategy. YOUR choices directly affect how events unfold.

  • Super Secret Agent VIP experience: Same as a Secret Agent, plus additional super secret scenes that no one else gets to see and an additional mission just for the VIPs.

  • Secret Agent VIP Influencer: Only one of these per show! (must buy through Brown Paper Tickets)

Secret Agents and Super Secret Agent VIPs should bring fully charged phones.

Ticketing FAQ:

I've heard about the chatbot / interactive texting element. I want to do that. Which ticket should I get?
If you want to be a spy at the show (use the interactive chatbot to help determine the path the show takes), choose among:

  • Secret Agent (with interactive chatbot)

  • Super Secret Agent VIP

  • Secret Agent VIP Influencer

Will I have to download an app to use the chatbot?
No, your phone just has to be able to receive text messages.

If I choose the Unsuspecting Conference Attendee ticket, am I still a spy?
No. You will still watch the show, but you are not a spy and will not be choosing the path the show takes. It will still be fun, though!

What is the venue's accessibility?
The venue is fully accessible.